My Vision Board: I’m Ready for 2022!

I’m sure quite a few of us can agree that 2021 was filled with many ups and downs — for me, I started a new job, left that same job, changed my career path, and grew both personally and professionally. I’ve learned quite a bit last year through the celebrations and the many challenges, but as always, I’m thankful to still be here, and I’m ready for what 2022 has in store for me.

Last year, I created my first vision board, and it kept me motivated and inspired throughout the year to stay true to myself and my goals. So, what better way to continue staying focused than to not only make another vision board this year but also make a vision board with my mom! That’s right, my mom and I created our own vision boards for 2022, and it was so much fun to do together. Flipping through magazines and images online while blasting music and sharing laughs was an amazing bonding experience for us. We made some amazing memories together, and I learned so much about my mom — I can’t wait to do this with her every year. Thanks, mom!

Anyway, this year, I focused on three main points in my vision board: hobbies, wellness, and dreams.


If you read my last blog post, you know how stressful things got for me towards the end of last year. I lost sight of myself and neglected the things that brought me joy. I was so busy making sure that everything and everyone was taken care of that I didn’t think about taking care of myself the right way. So, I made sure to add a couple of my hobbies to my vision board this year. I plan to play more video games and even try some new ones, and I intend to write a lot more poetry as well.

A lot of you may not know this, but I’ve been writing poetry since ’05 or ’06. It was my first form of creative expression that I enjoyed, and I’ve stayed with it for quite a while. However, once I took a couple of poetry classes in college, the joy of writing poetry was gone. Don’t get me wrong, I earned As in the classes and was exposed to a lot of talented poets both in my class and beyond, but something about being graded on individual creativity took the fun out of it for me. Nevertheless, I’m excited to rediscover my passion for poetry and continue artistically expressing myself. Who knows, maybe I’ll even publish my work one day!


Y’all already know how important mental, physical, and emotional wellness are to me, so I want to keep those values at the forefront of my vision board. I have images of a woman talking and working things through with a therapist, a glass of lemon water (my latest and greatest obsession), a woman doing yoga in front of a TV, and some meal prep containers full of nutritious and delicious-looking food. I also have phrases posted like, “Happy, healthy”, “Sleep Better”, and “#FoodIsFuel”. I plan to cook more, sleep more, invite more peace and positivity in my life, and just be happier.

You’ll also see a bouquet on my vision board, which serves as a reminder for me to reward myself with something nice at least once a month. So this month, I actually went and bought some flowers as a gift for starting a new chapter in my life and posting my first blog post of the year. It’s something small and it’s not super expensive, but it brings a smile to my face every time I see them on my dining room table, and that’s what matters to me this year.


I’ve always been a big dreamer since I was a little girl, and it honestly hasn’t stopped. I have so many dreams, both big and small, that I hope to see through. It may not be this month or this year, but I know my dreams are going to come true. For starters, I have so much love to give, that I want to adopt another dog! And, I finally convinced Marlon to jump on board! I have no idea when this will happen, but I’m beyond thrilled to have another dog in our home. Oh, and speaking of home, I hope to be a future homeowner within the next five years! I’d love to have Sophie and another dog running around in my backyard while I tend to my garden — I can literally see it!

I also can’t wait to discover what my dream job is since I recently discovered that I needed a career change. I won’t say too much on it because I don’t want to jinx it, but let’s just say that I’m excited for what the future holds. And last but certainly not least, I dream of creating change with my blog and creating a ripple effect among the people who come across my content. I hope to continue promoting self-growth, spreading positive energy, and encouraging overall wellness for my readers in hopes that they do the same amongst their peers. Little by little, we can make some serious change together!

Final Thoughts

As always, I appreciate you all for allowing me to share my hopes and dreams with you, and I’d love to hear about some of your goals for 2022 and beyond! If you feel comfortable doing so, let me know what goals and aspirations you have for this year or in the future. I’d love to encourage you and support you in whatever way you need because sometimes, we all need a little pat on the back to help us stay motivated.

“Our future is not unpredictable, our future is simply the result of choices we have made.”

– Garth Brooks

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