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Inspirational Social Media Influencers Who Will Help You Get Your Body Right!

Okay, so let’s keep it real. How many of us have started to work out regularly and eat healthy foods but then quickly fall off the wagon? It’s okay because I’ve been there too plenty of times. It’s so frustrating because you start off feeling so confident and excited as you get on a routine work out schedule, but you start feeling tired or overwhelmed, which causes you to completely abandon your goal.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can keep going on your journey to a healthier body, and there are people on social media that you can follow to help make this journey easier for you! These are people that I personally follow, and I love how much they inspire me to keep going. Here are my fave five:


1. Melissa Alcantara (IG: @fitgurlmel)

Kim Kardashian's Trainer Melissa Alcantara: Before, After Body Pics
Courtesy of US Weekly

I love love love love love love Mel. She trains the one and only Kim Kardashian-West, but she’s so humble and down to earth. She is also super honest and transparent about her journey to a healthier lifestyle. On her Instagram, she posts workout routines that she does in her home, outside, or in the gym. Her workouts are intense, but they make you sweat, and you’ll feel so accomplished afterward. She is a trainer on the Fit Plan App, AND she is coming out with her first book called Fit Gurl: The Total-Body Turnaround Program. In it, she talks about how she struggled with weight, how she motivated herself to get healthy after giving birth to her daughter, and she provides recipes and workouts! I’m DEFINITELY buying this, and I hope you all follow her because she’s fantastic.


2. Brittne Babe (IG: @brittnebabefitness and @brittnebabe) (YouTube: Brittne Babe)

Brittne Babe Workout Plans | Fitplan
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Brittne Babe, who is also a trainer on the FitPlan app, is wonderful, and her grind never stops. If she seems familiar to you, you may have seen her on Red Table Talk, the show on Facebook Watch with Jada Pinkett-Smith, Willow Smith, and Gammy (Jada’s mom). Her Instagram and YouTube page provides great at-home workouts that you can do, and she even shares yummy recipes as well. If you’re really serious about your weight-loss journey, you can enter her 21-day challenge contest in which you follow along with her workouts each day! I’ve participated in it, but I’m sad to say that I stopped halfway through. However, when I did do it, it was amazing, and I felt my body shaping into what I wanted it to be!


3. Rebecca Broxterman (IG: @rebeccabroxfit)

Courtesy of @rebeccabroxfit on Instagram

Rebecca is the trainer for Eniko Hart, Kevin Hart’s wife, and following her page gives me so many different exercise ideas! For her workouts, you can use no equipment at all or just the everyday items that you have in the house. They’re great, and they help keep me on track on days when I feel like giving up. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed if you give her a follow!


4. Natalie Eva Marie (IG: @natalieevamarie and @nemfit) (YouTube: Natalie Eva Marie)

Courtesy of @natalieevamarie on Instagram

Natalie Eva Marie is an athlete, model, actress, and former WWE wrestler. If there’s anyone who knows a lot about what exercises to do in order to shape and mold your body the way you want, it’s her. Her Instagram and YouTube videos give you a glimpse into what workouts to do to get fit! If you want a more in-depth idea of what exercises to do, you can participate in the challenges that she hosts with her husband on her website. Trust me, if you want results or you just want someone who can inspire you to keep working out and eating healthy, Natalie Eva Marie is your girl!


5. POPSUGAR Fitness (YouTube: POPSUGAR Fitness) (IG: @popsugarfitness)

So, this one isn’t really a specific person, but they still count as a social media influencer to motivate you to work out and stay fit. I’d feel like I’m cheating you if I don’t tell you about this company. My mom and I recently fell in love with POPSUGAR Fitness because of how easily accessible their workout videos are! Almost any exercise that you want to do, they have it right on their YouTube channel, plus hundreds more too. So far, we’ve tried the Kickboxing workout and the Hip-Hop Tabata workout videos, and they both kicked our butts! We were so sore, but we felt so good after we completed them — we’re very eager to try more workouts. They also post positive messages and healthy foods to eat, so I definitely recommend that everyone checks out their social media pages!


Trust me, if you’re on Instagram all day anyway, give these accounts a follow because you’re not going to be disappointed. I feel so motivated to work out just and live a healthier life just from following these people, so I hope that you’ll feel the same!


“Take action, motivation will follow. This [exercise] s*** isn’t easy, [but] it’s not supposed to be.” 

-Melissa Alcantara

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