My Self-Care Sunday Routine

I talked about self-care a lot in my last blog, including what it is and what it could look like. I mentioned that I practice self-care every Sunday, but I thought it’d be a good idea to give you all a peek into what my Self-Care Sunday routine looks like in case you all want ideas or would love to start a weekly routine of your own. It’s pretty simple, and it works for me!

Indoor Sunday

Sunday is my day to stay home, so if I can help it, I’m not going anywhere on Sundays. If I want to go to church, I can catch the 9 AM or 11 AM service virtually. If I need to go to the grocery store, I’ll just have to make a pit stop after work during the week. If I want something to eat and don’t feel like cooking, I’m pulling up Uber EATS or DoorDash on my phone. When I say I don’t go anywhere on Sundays, I mean that.

For me, it’s really important that I have one lazy day per week, and Sundays work best for me. It’s the last day before my work week starts, and I don’t want to spend it in my car driving to a bunch of different stores. I want to spend my Sunday in my jammies with my hair bonnet on.


In addition to not going anywhere on Sundays, I also don’t want to spend it doing busy work either. I don’t mind light cleaning and tidying up the kitchen after we cook meals, but I’m not doing any scrubbing or vacuuming if I can help it. On Sundays, I like to do what makes me happy, whether that’s playing video games, napping, working on my blog, scrapbooking, or watching a good anime or movie with Marlon. The most I’ll do is get my clothes ready for the week and iron, but beyond that, I don’t want to be bothered with busy work.

Meal Prep

This is the one chore that I dread doing on Sundays, but I’m always super glad that I did it once the week is already underway. It’s annoying to take an hour out of my rest day to cook, but I technically view it as self-care because it’s something I do to prevent being stressed (and from ordering out so much). It’s beneficial in the long run even though it’s frustrating in the moment.

It’s also super helpful to have Marlon meal-prepping with me because it makes the process go by much faster and smoother. It’s a great way for us to spend some time together while we jam to some tunes and prepare our lunches for the week.

Shower Time

My shower time on Sundays is different from my shower time on other days. On Sundays, I wash my face a little longer and give myself a mini face massage. I stay in the shower for at least 10 extra minutes to thoroughly enjoy the hot water, which I normally don’t do throughout the week as a way to conserve water.

I also use my shower time to pamper myself! I use a lip scrub to exfoliate my lips and get rid of any dry skin, and I use a body scrub to make my skin feel smooth and moisturized. Afterward, I put on a hydrating mask that I got from Target and relax with it on my face for 20 minutes. I look forward to doing this all week because it makes me feel like I’m giving myself the royal treatment! At this moment, nothing and no one else matters, and that is just fine with me.

Final Thoughts

No matter who you are, everyone should have a routine that you do once a week to set your week off right! It doesn’t matter what day you choose, either, as long as you pick a day that works best for you. It also doesn’t matter what you call it — I know someone who does a “Saturday Reset.” It’s truly about what makes you happy and will work best for your schedule.

If you don’t have a day dedicated to yourself, I want you to stop right now and think of a day of the week you want to start. Done? Now, I want you to make a list of all the things you want to do to take care of yourself that day. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, write it down in your phone or on a sheet of paper. Then, I want you to make a vow that you will try to incorporate what you can. So many of us do a lot for everyone else, but we don’t care for ourselves the way we should, and I hope this encourages you to start now!

“Do something nice for yourself today. Find some quiet, sit in stillness, breathe. Put your problems on pause. You deserve a break.” – Akiroq Brost

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