Find Your Green Thumb!

A lot of people think that gardening is an innate ability, meaning either you’re born with it or you’re not. This is completely not true — gardening only requires research and trial and error. There’s really nothing more to it when getting started for the first time. I’ve gardened before back when I was living in an apartment with a balcony, and I made quite a few mistakes from not doing enough research on the types of flowers I should be growing and not reading how far down each seed should be planted. But these mistakes made me a better gardener. Now that I’m gardening again in my first apartment, I had to do even more research than before because now I don’t have a balcony! With research, motivation, and trial and error, I’ve been very successful in growing plants in my home with just love, a grow lamp made for growing plants indoors, and water. It has truly been beneficial for me, and I’d love to share the benefits of gardening with you all!


1. Gardening can relieve stress!

Every morning when I get up to start my day, I water my plants, turn on their lamp, and admire how much they have grown overnight — literally. Caring for my plants allows me to start the day off really calm, and when you start your day off like this, it’s harder for things to stress you out during the day. Think about it; you’re starting off your morning by providing your plants with the love and care that they need to be healthy and strong. It even works if you choose to care for your plants at the end of the day. Picture it, your boss or your professor just loaded you with more work knowing that you’re already swamped. You have no idea how you’re going to get it all done, and you literally feel like crying. You go home and see your plants are waiting for you. You give them water, light, and love. All of a sudden, your problems don’t seem so insurmountable anymore. You realize that it’ll get done, and you’ll give it your all because that’s all you can do.

See? Told ya. Stress reliever!


2. Gardening is so rewarding!

The consistent love and care you give your plants will pay off — you get to watch it grow from a seed to a beautiful flower or a nice, plump piece of fruit! Honestly, the only thing more rewarding than that is successfully raising a child. But if you think about it, growing a plant is like raising a child in its own little way. You’re tending to their needs every single day, and despite a few mistakes that you might have made (trust me, they’re inevitable), you are able to watch them grow right before your very eyes. You’ll feel a huge sense of satisfaction knowing that your dedication and hard work has paid off.


3. Plants help the quality of air.

Did you know that some plants help filter the air? Photosynthesis allows the plants to take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and of course, we need oxygen to live! Having these plants in our home will provide us with better air to breathe as it takes in all of the toxins that can be harmful to our bodies! You may not be able to notice that you’re breathing in better air, but trust me, you are with the help of your plants. As long as you give it love, sun, and water, it will give you filtered oxygen. It’s a give and take kind of relationship! (Is this the 50/50 love that Teddy Pendergrass was telling us about in “When Somebody Loves You Back”? lol)


Today, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and start gardening — even if it’s only one plant! Do your research and start small! You can buy one pot, a few seeds, and some soil for less than $10. If you find that gardening is not for you, then at least you didn’t spend too much money on it. However, if you find that these benefits that I described in this blog are really true and you want to continue gardening, keep going!

To Get Started

  • Seed Starter Tray — click here for the exact one I bought. (Can also find one at Walmart and other places too)
  • Seeds — (Can find these at Target, Walmart, etc…)
  • Grow Lamp (Only needed if growing indoors with limited sun access — click here for the exact one I bought)


Yes, that’s it!! Yes, it’s that simple!! Challenge yourself to find your green thumb — I promise that you’ll see the benefits. If you decide to try out gardening, let me know in the comments and keep me updated with how it’s going for you when you get started!


“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burban


“A garden is a grant teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.” – Gertrude Jekyll

**I couldn’t pick which quote I like better, so you’re getting both!!! 😀




35 thoughts on “Find Your Green Thumb!”

  1. I’ve personally saw your growth since you picked up gardening and it really shows in your emotional state. I love you, and keep spreading positivity.

  2. I love gardening & spending time with nature & plants & trees! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I love gardening! Well…the idea of it, anyway! lol I’m trying, though. I have a few houseplants that I’m attempting to keep alive. I also started a veggie garden last year that was a total fail but I learned a few things so it might be a bit easier when I try it again.

    1. I haven’t tried gardening with someone else, but I imagine it’s a rewarding experience to share that responsibility with someone you love. Good luck in your gardening journey, and thanks for reading!

    1. Hey, it’s all apart of the process. Not every plant will make it, which is why it’s important to plant multiple of the same seed. If one doesn’t make it, you still have others! Good luck on finding your green thumb, and thanks for reading!

  4. I love gardening and to me it’s therapeutic. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I wonder sometimes, either I’ve had some realy bad luck with gardening or I’ve just been doing it wrong. Will definitely apply your advice and see how it goes.

    1. Just research the type of plant before you start, and look up the best ways to care for that plant. Thanks for reading, and keep me posted on how it goes!

  6. Gardening can be really therapeutic in some situations. It helps in relaxing and de-stressing very much

  7. We have a little terrace garden, though I find time only during weekends to really get into it. Great post.

    1. The great thing about gardening is that you can just dive in whenever you get a chance. I hope that your garden is bringing you and your family happiness. Thanks for reading!

    1. I just started growing in my apartment, and it’s turning out a lot better than I thought! Good luck to you and your plants, and thank you so much for reading! 🙂

    1. Congrats! Gardening truly brings peace and happiness. I hope it continues to do so for you. Thanks for reading!

  8. Gardening is truly an awesome hobby and therapy. I learned gardening back in grade school and it was a relief knowing that my plants are growing healthy!

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