Learn From Your Bad Experiences

Hey, guys! We are almost halfway done with the second month of 2019, so I hope everyone has enjoyed it thus far! I just want to take the time to thank you all for visiting my website and reading my blog. There are billions of websites on the internet, and you chose to click on mine. Thank you so much.

Okay, back to business!

I’ve had a rough start this year due to my ridiculously difficult philosophy class. A class that usually takes four months to teach was condensed into 3 weeks. Over these past 3 weeks I’ve cried, been super frustrated, and contemplated dropping out of school (not kidding!). Just so you guys can understand a little of what I’m talking about, take a look at some philosophy problems.

phil170 screenshot

Looks ridiculous, right? I know. However, this class wasn’t all bad. I’ve learned a lot about myself and a lot about life from taking this class, and I would love to share them with you all.

  • Asking for help does not make you weak.

On the very first day of class, I looked at those problems and said, “Nope!” I went to Google, YouTube, my fiance’, my father, my mother, and my followers on Instagram and Facebook. I didn’t want to ask for help at first because I didn’t want people to think that I didn’t try hard enough on my own or that I am weak. However, I’ve received so much support from everyone. Those that could help pointed me to resources and those that couldn’t help me encouraged me to not give up and to keep pushing through.

  • The work you put in will directly affect the results you get.

I kid you not, there were days where I studied for 10 hours straight. I kept doing the same problems over and over again to try and understand it. I was so stressed before the exams because I just wasn’t getting the material, and after I took the exams, I just knew I failed. However, by the grace of God, I passed the entire class with a B. This experience has taught me perseverance, and I believe that going into any situation with determination and grit will produce the results that you want to see!

  • Remember what your end goal is.

There were so many times over winter break where I wanted to give up and go back to my part-time job as an aftercare teacher. Trust me, I’ve had many breakdowns throughout these three weeks, but what kept me going was my remembering my goal. I want to graduate with my bachelor’s degree so that I can be successful and provide for myself and my family. Keeping this in mind kept me focused on the end goal, and I was going to do anything to keep myself on track. Please remember that when times are tough and you’re literally about to quit and give up, think about your goal. Think about why you’re doing what you’re doing, and let that light a fire under your feet to continue pushing through!

  • Take some time for yourself!

I wish I took my own advice; I did not take the proper time to eat all of my meals because I was so set on finishing my homework first or taking all of my notes first. However, I didn’t realize that I can’t think properly and function at my best if I don’t take the time to eat or get enough rest. Don’t do what I did and pretty much starve yourself or deprive yourself of something that you need — when you’re faced with a major project that is difficult to deal with, make sure you’ve taken care of yourself first before you can take care of the work in front of you!


“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

                               – Joshua J. Marine

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